Plant import and export

JafynyPlant is Danny Gelaudie and has been working in the plant sector since 1990. Began in 1998 as a small independent broker and bought mainly at auction FloraHolland Naaldwijk. Even a few years for various customers bought at auction in Germany, Landgard in Lüllingen on all 3 auction days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In 2011, the auctions in Lüllingen (Landgard) Herongen (Landgard) and Venlo (FloraHolland) to a great auction together and here is a Joint Venture arise that Veiling Rhein Maas hot. This is now a subsidiary of Landgard and FloraHolland together. This rather large auction is located in Herongen, just over the border at Venlo. Everyday I buy in the auction in Herongen and still have very good contacts with exporters in Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer.


Now every year growing, along with a team of enthusiastic people who love to be there for you!



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